As women physicians

  • We share many characteristics and life experiences.  
  • You went to medical school, residency, and are now a hard working busy doctor. 
  • You are the definition of resilient. 
  • You have perfected delayed gratification & self sacrifice.  
  • You keep thinking "I'll be happy when... (when I finish med school, when I finish residency, when I get married, when I xxx".
  • But life just keeps getting busier.
  • Isn't it time to finally start being happy now?
  • Now may be the time to start to focus on things that are most important to you.  
  • It may be time to start thinking about things differently and creating different results in your life.

Why coaching?

  • You likely have some things that you'd like to change about your life
  • Coaching is a great tool to help you do that
  • We start by looking at your thoughts about your life right now 
  • Then we look at what you'd like to to think, feel, or do
  • We help you identify steps you could take towards your goals
  • Seem to good to be true? Too simplistic? Give it a try!


  • The women physicians I have coached provide incredibly positive feedback & testimonials
  • They are often surprised how truly helpful coaching can be (even in as little as ONE session)
  • We work around your schedule, one on one and discuss the issues that are most important to you
  • We waste no time diving into what is going on in your life and how we can work on it

Bora Bora retreat  

  • On National Women Physicians Day (February 3, 2019) we are going to kick off our 6 day/5 night retreat to Bora Bora
  • Want to escape to reflect, relax, and retreat then come with us?
  • Doesn't that sound amazing?
  • It's truly paradise. 
  • I have reserved many overwater bungalows at the Four Seasons Bora Bora
  • This is truly one of the worlds most luxurious and gorgeous resorts 
  • It's a once in a lifetime bucket list type of trip
  • Click on the links below to get all the details

All about me - your future coach : )

Sunny Smith MD

Clinical Professor, Family Medicine and Public Health University of California San Diego School of Medicine

That's the CV part. I'm legit. Really. I know it's the internet and you can't really trust what you read or see or know who is on the other side.

Let me reassure you. You can look me up on google, facebook, pubmed, etc.

You'll find I'm Co-Medical Director of the UCSD Student-run Free Clinic Project, Academic Community Director UC San Diego School of Medicine. You'll see I've won many awards from our med students for teaching, humanism in medicine, etc. If I'm known as being kind, caring, humanistic and a good teacher for our students, chances are I might be pretty kind, caring, and humanistic in talking with you. 

I'm not charging you anything for your initial coaching session or expecting anything in return. You don't have to feel awkward at all. You can refer your friends too. I love doing it. I really think it's transformative work.  

If you find the coaching helpful and want to have additional sessions or want to come on our retreat, then of course we'll discuss the cost structure for those things. The Four Seasons Bora Bora is one of the top luxury retreats in the world, so of course the retreat comes with a fee.

Facebook life versus real life

This collage reminds me so much of how our minds can choose to see the very same circumstances of our lives in VERY different ways. It all depends where we choose to put our focus.

My recent vacation to Hawaii with my family represents the kind of work we do in coaching.

The facts: My family went to Hawaii

My unintentional thoughts, feelings, actions, results: Ugh, it was terrible. My kid cried nearly the whole time. I felt irritatable, acted crabby toward my husband, and the trip sucked.

BUT - using my coaching mindset - 

I knew I could purposely choose to think different thoughts when I was feeling frustrated and irritable. I worked on thinking - I am so lucky I got to go to Hawaii with my beautiful family. This is amazing. (Sure my kid cried but it was no big deal) Then I felt so much gratitude, I acted appreciative and loving, and our family was so happy to have a great relaxing trip.

Which thoughts served me better?

That's way over simplified, but...if I'm looking to create the life of my dreams, we start first by NOTICING our thoughts, then choosing thoughts that serve us, then taking actions to create the lives we truly want.

Bora Bora 

Where, uh, yeah, again, my kid cried a TON.  

But you know what?  

You only turn 40 once, and I was absolutely determined to have the time of my life. And I did.  

It was truly paradise and every day I was there I just couldn't believe it was real. I felt so incredibly fortunate.  

 So much so that I made it a life goal to go back and make it even bigger & better than before!  

Instead of just bringing my family this time, I plan to take a whole crew of like minded women physicians with me and we are going to make this an amazing inspiring retreat!

Family, fun, & sun Look at that oustanding sun protection while we were on that Hawaii trip mentioned above. 

My friends think I dress him like a moon man. 

I think it's my job to keep him safe, without sunburns, and cancer free.

Those thoughts make me feel like I'm a good mom and I can easily enjoy our vacations without ever having to worry.

See? Thought work. Always so helpful!

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If you are not quite sure, I'm happy to provide you with an hour of high quality coaching focused specifically on issues important to you for free.

If at the end, you feel you got some benefit from the call and you think coaching may be a good fit for you, we can discuss options for you to schedule further coaching sessions. That's up to you.

If you love it so much that you might even want to come on our ultra luxury retreat to Bora Bora, I can tell you how to join us!

*Please note that although I AM a doctor, I am not at all functioning in the role of your physician when working with you as a coach. If you ever feel you need professional mental health care (including psychiatry or psychology), please seek appropriate care immediately.